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What is the SRT and Imitation bristle painting brush?

Yangzhou Jingdu Brush synthetic filament have SRT ( Soild Round Tapered) style filament and Imitation bristle ( solid tapered filament + hollow tapered filament + crimped tapered filament + + tapered filament mix) styles filaments.


SRT is solid, so it is heavy compare with imitation bristle ( crimped hollow)


SRT and Imitation bristle both provides sharp cutting edges of grit, which can be held firmly against any surface, no matter how irregular its shape. As the brush moves against the surface, the flexible filaments bend at various angles to fit the surface contours. Allowing the cutting edges of the grit to have continuous contact


At the moment, imitation bristle filament is most hot selling products, because of the short of natural bristle, imitation bristle filament can be both used in water based painting and oil based painting. It has crimped filament in it to get the best painting holding and release.


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