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How we tapered our filament and control our tapering?

   How we tapered our filament and control our tapering?  


Yangzhou Jingdu Brush  Co.,Ltd is a factory who are producing bristle and brush filament. At  the moment, we have two ways to tapered our filament, one is physical  tapered , and one is chemical tapered filament.  


Let’s introduce how we make chemical tapered filament:  


1. Different sharp of  filaments will use different degree of acid-base concentration. We will  measure the degree of acid accordingly to kinds of filament  

2. Put the filaments in the acid water in a certain position  

3. After boiling,  checking how much they have reflected and keep watching until they have  finished, and washed them to measure the size to check if it is ok  

4. Put the finished tapered filament in the accurate place.  


The most important is  that to pay more attention to degree of acid-base concentration, if too  high, then the filament would be shorted.  


Skilled and trained Workers are more necessary for making chemical tapered filament.  





                                        Company Information  


 1. Profile    

Yangzhou Jingdu Brush Co.,Ltd is a family  owned and operated China based company, established in 2006. In the  last 20 years it focused on natural white, black, grey boiled bristle,  brush filament, tapered brush filament, make up filament, PBT eyelash  filament. The company plays significant role in the region. We enjoyed  great popularity in world market.
Refer to the production capacity, we can produce 1000 kg boiled bristle and 3000kg brush filament one day.
We have around 100 employees, 5 Engineers, 4 QC. We have good quality control system.
Now we would try to sell the top sold  products directly to abroad. Please see the below all the products which  are on the selling.


2. Main Products
a. Boiled bristle brush. 
b.Plastic or wooden handle brush 
c. pure white boiled bristle
d. pure black double boiled chuangking bristle
e. white or black bristle mix synthetic tapered filament
f. paint brush filament
g. hollow pbt and pet filament
h. taperd pbt and pet filament
i. Christmas tree bristle or filament

J.roller paint brush

K.eyelashes filament


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