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JD SMART A (synthetic brush filament) specific density density ratio compared to 100% natural bristles

Yangzhou Jingju Brush Co Ltd is a family owned and operated, China based company, established in 2006. In the last 20 years it focused on natural white, black, grey boiled bristle, brush filament, tapered brush filament, make-up brush filament and PBT eyelash filament. The company plays a significant role in the region and enjoys great popularity in the world market.

Their most recent development in natural white imitation bristle filament has proved very successful. The branded product, JD SMART A, performs very well against natural bristle.

This Test Report shows the effects on the paint brush using the same weight of natural bristle and JD SMART A, our natural white imitation bristle filament.

Step 1

1.      We filled 2 of the same carton rings with Natural Bristle in one and
JD SMART A (imitation natural white bristle filament) in the other, to start our comparison

   The following are the specifications of samples which we used in the carton ring:

    Product A:   Natural White Bristle 83mm Size

   The total weight of one carton ring of Product A (Natural Bristle) is 232.8grams.
      The diameter of the carton is 70mm.

Product B.   JD SMART A (Imitation Natural White Bristle filament) 83mm Size

The total of weight of Product B (JDSMART A (Imitation Natural White Bristle filament)
     one carton ring is 201.1grams
     The diameter of the carton is 70mm


JD SMART A is lighter compared with Natural Bristle;


1.      We chose the same size of stainless steel and the same size of wooden inserts.


2. We weighed them separately
16.9 grams

17.1 grams

3.      We chose enough JD SMART A (Product B) (Imitation Natural White Bristle) to
fill the Stainless-Steel Ferrule and weighed them.                                                          
  49.8 grams  

66.9 grams
 4 We chose the same weight of Product A (Natural White Bristle) to fill the         Stainless-Steel Ferrule to see the effects.
49.9 grams  


Step 3

Let us see the final effects on the brush heads.


1.  Filling with the same weight of Natural Bristle and JDSMART A (Natural Bristle Imitation filament). The picture showing JD SMART A shows a more-plump brush head. If we want the Natural Bristle brush head to look more plump, we need to add more weight of Natural Bristle, which adds to the cost.

2.  JD SMART A (Natural White Bristle Imitation filament) is lighter than natural bristle which means that between 1kg of JD SMART A and 1kg of natural bristle it shows that JD SMART A can fill more brush heads. In addition, it illustrates that JD SMART A will help to save the cost of each individual paint brush.

If customers would like to test this themselves, we will send the samples freely.
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