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What is the cutting bristle?

Those who are familiar with bristles may know boiled bristles, but have you heard of cutting bristles? If not, let me introduce it to you.


1. Raw material for cutting bristles

Cutting bristles are actually bristles that have been cut according to the specific hair-planting needs of different tools.


2. Characteristics of cutting bristles

high oiliness

more resilient

Strong and durable, not easy to shed

The bristles are neat and not easy to deform


heat resistant

acid resistant



3. Types of cutting bristles

Generally, there are grey cutting bristles, original white cutting bristles, and black cutting bristles. If there are special needs, the cutting bristles can also be printed into different colors.



4. How to make a "cutting bristle"?


The way to make it is actually very simple, just make a cut at the top of the whole bristle.

Before cutting, you should choose the quality, color, and length of the size.

More cuts make the bristles shorter and stiffer.

And you need to pay for the bristles that are consumed by cutting.


5. The difference between cutting bristles and ordinary bristles


The most critical difference between the two types of bristles is their hardness. Depending on the hardness, their scope of application will also be different.


6. The scope of application of cutting bristles


For houseware

hair comb, bath comb



For the polishing of collectibles  

Jade ware, Bracelets


For household items

mahogany furniture polishing


For industrial grinding

Suitable for all kinds of industrial brushes with high requirements on bristle hardness.


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