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The test report of JD SMART A bristle imitation filament and customers cross-section filament painting in oil based

Test Report of JD SMART A and Cross-section brush filament Of Oil-based Painting


l  Make the paint brush with JD SMART A (90% tops), JD SMART A (70% tops), cross-section brush filament

l  Put them in the Oil-based paint for 6 minutes

l  Take out them until there is no paint drips and weight the paint brush

l  Paint on the Gypsum board until not smooth

l  Weight the paint brush again

The following are the details of paint brush we are making:

Ø Size: 4 inch

Ø Lengthout:51mm

Ø Thickness of stainless steel: 16mm

Ø Gule: Expory Gule

Ø Plug: Wooden Insert

Step 1: Weight the brush head

Step 2: Put them in the Oil-based Paint for 6 minutes and take out until no paint drops

Step 3: Weight the brush head separately

Step 4: Paint on the Gypsum board until not smooth

Step 5 Weight the brush head after painting

The following are the Painting holding and Release Chart Comparing

Summary (Painting)

From the test and date, we found JD SMART A (90% tops) is the best painting holding, the best painting release, and it is smooth.

Cross-section filament of brush is from customers, which the filament is not good, we also test our cross-section filament which is better than customers.

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